Heat Recovery / Power

Some sites have the luxury of having heat sources available, sufficient to create power. Other sites can have the ability to export some of their excess heat energy for a variety of purposes.

We have assisted with these types of installations by developing modular solutions for utilizing waste heat, or by sinking the heat where it is useful.

Hybrid Air Cooling

In many parts of the country, chilling can be inexpensively accomplished without the use of mechanical chillers.  One method uses evaporative cooling towers, but other solutions might be available, depending on site circumstances.  We can work with your engineering team to help you develop the modular solution that delivers the most reliable cooling for the best life-cycle cost.

Utilities Infrastructure

Any of the utility services required on a site are candidates for modularity – particularly, the more repeatable they are. As your site scales into the future, the iterative elements can be placed in step with the pace of growth and expansion. The modules might include power, air systems, piping, or any other physical part of your site.

Modular Central Plants

Long ago, TAS wrote the book on modular chilled water plants. We have delivered over one megawatt of modular data center cooling. Fully completed and tested before they leave our factory, installation and commissioning efforts are minimized, accelerating the time to get your center functional and profitable. We can provide a wide range of equipment combinations, perhaps including similar or matching equipment to your existing plants, to minimize impact to your established systems.